martes, 20 de mayo de 2008

Allison - Permanent me

You're listening to close
With a knife in your back
You're on the attack
Did I hurt you that bad?
You're sweating me girl
And its not even subtle
Oh I am in trouble
What to do now in my world

And oh my dear Allison
Youre running in platform shoes
And you love me when I wear my
Evening blues
And it's love dear Allison
Youre kissing with such great ease
And my lips aren''t hard to please

Hey now Allison you are the one
Who makes boys hold their breath
As you walk on
Hey now Allison you are the one
Who changed my life before it had begun

So by the phone is where I'll wait
Waiting for calls, waiting for anything
You're hypnotizing me
With those eyes and that smile

I think i'll be here
I think i'll be here for a while

Goodnight dear Allison
Don't try to make me cry
Just let me walk away and heal in time
Goodbye dear Allison
Well meat again someday
And well be happier this way

All my life Ive run away from you

You are the one

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